Frequently Asked Questions

Reborn Dolls

What is the difference between a Reborn and  Realborn Art  Doll?

A reborn doll (baby) is an art doll that has been created from sculpted kit that has been transformed by an artist to resemble a human infant or child with as much realism as possible. 

A realborn doll (baby) is an art doll made using scans of a specific actual real baby, capturing minute details.


1.  Who buys reborn dolls? 


       *  Women who have suffered miscarriages or the loss of a baby, often find           them helpful in dealing with their loss.

       *  Women who are struggling with infertility or unable to have children of                their own can find they help fill a void.

        * People with anxiety, depressions and other mental health conditions,               may benefit from the comfort of cuddling these dolls. Many therapist                 recommend them to their patients.

         *People with Alzheimer's and dementia also find them very comforting.

         *People who appreciate the artistic expression of creating them.        

         *Adult doll collectors who have loved and collected dolls their entire                  lives.

         *Parents buying them as gifts for their children.  

        * Photographers who use them for practice and advertising.

         *Store who use them as models for clothing.

        *TV and movie producers who use them as infant “actors” in film.

  3.  Why do they cost so much?  

Reborning a doll takes many hours just to do the multiple layers of paint and powders.  Painting hair can be a painstakingly long process.  Rooting hair can easily take more than 10 hours to do.

In addition, there are the monetary costs to the artist.  Blank kits can easily cost over a hundred dollars, the cost of mohair or alpaca hair can be more than $20 for a quarter ounce.  Adding to this is the cost of the body, eyes, and other materials and supplies.  The cost to the artist quickly adds up.

If you take all these considerations together, you can quickly see that reborning a doll is actually more about love and artistic expression than it is about making money.


Knitted/ Crocheted Items

1.  How do I clean them?

These items will come with washing/care instructions.  Most will be machine washable. 

2.  What type of yarn was used?

The yarn type will be clearly indicate in the item's description.